Friday, 31 January 2014

Ricardas Berankis Photos in Australian Open 2011, 2013 and 2014

This post is dedicated to the Ričardas Berankis fans.



Hello all the Berankis fans.


I was surprised when I checked the access to my blog on Thursday night. The access grew dramatically, and they were mainly from Lithuania.


Following the link, I came to know that my blog post about the Australian Open 1R match between Berankis and Dolgopolov was shown on the Berankis fan site.


Obviously this blog is written in Japanese, so there has never been this kind of access from outside Japan seeking info on one specific player.


There are so many people trying to know how Berankis is doing. For me it is not hard to understand.


I believe that Berankis for Lithuanian fans must be like Nishikori for Japanese fans including myself.


What I like about Berankis. He has powerful serve and forehand that are hard to imagine to come from someone with that physical structure. His attitude towards this sport and his behaviour on court are so sincere. I must add the fact that his apparel, shoes, racquet are all made by Yonex, a Japanese manufacturer.


I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the Lithuanian fans that I decided to share all the photos of Berankis I've taken in Melbourne (except for the ones from 2012 which I lost due to accident). My camera is a small one. It’s nowhere near professional quality, but I just hope the photos can bring some atmosphere of the day.


First up, photos from this year. I watched his qualifying 1R & 2R, and main draw 1R. Qualifying 1R was vs Naso. I was trying to capture Berankis’s forehand, but Naso was hitting almost all the balls to his backhand, so it wasn't easy.


These are from last year, 2013. Especially the match Berankis won against Stakhovsky was exciting.


The last ones are from 2011 when Berankis played in the Australian Open for the first time. The photos are from when he was picked as a partner for Federer in his practice session in Rod Laver Arena just before the charity match, and from 2R vs Nalbandian.


Thanks for watching.



  1. Nice blog about Rycka and pictures. Thank you!

    1. It seems that you're the only one who noticed this post until now. Maybe I'll make a comment on his fan site later.


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