Friday, 21 November 2014

Maria Sharapova appears on Japanese TV, visiting Harajuku Part 4 マリア・シャラポワ『炎の体育会TV』出演&原宿へ行くの巻(その4)

GLli4j6mna5LoIH1416389758_1416389780Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Kei! Both Kei and I are from the same academy.


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : He’s had such a great year and it definitely has a positive influence on the future of Japanese tennis. His focus and ideas are really amazing and I’m sure he’ll have more successful results in the future.


HJqSs894I4c3RXW1416390127_1416390137Man: You made a trip to Japan in 2011, just half a year after The Great East Japan Earthquake, and had a tennis clinic for kids from disaster-hit cities, didn’t you?


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : I had a similar experience myself. My mother was pregnant with me when Chernobyl disaster happened.

Voice-over: Maria’s parents lived near the nuclear power plant then.

qns5sXcphZ7Y9Eq1416390272_1416390279 Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : For 4 months after the accident, they found out they were going to have a baby. They worried about the radiation affecting me and escaped to Russia.


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese): One year later, my mother gave birth to me. So I understand the horror of nuclear accident. I wanted to help people in Japan.

9WcdxOHqYEKfmFp1416390389_1416390405Maria (female voice-over in Japanese): I played tennis with the kids who experienced a hardship, because I just wanted to cheer them up. That’s why I made a visit to Japan.


Man: Your visit must’ve encouraged kids.
Maria (female voice-over in Japanese): I hope so.


Man: Some of those kids might play against you someday.
Maria (female voice-over in Japanese): That would be great.


Man: Please say a few words for Japanese kids.
Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Do your best, tennis or other sports, whatever you do. If you try your best, good results will follow.

 4ILXZOFWLC05p101416390620_1416390629Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Thank people around you and listen to your parents.

(Japanese caption says the man is Maria’s father, Yuri Sharapov but it’s obviously her current coach, Sven Groeneveld.)


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : I hope you'll join us someday.




Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : I really enjoyed my first visit to Harajuku.


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Crepe was nice...


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : And I was happy to be able to wear beautiful dress.


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Shabu shabu was delicious as well.


Maria (female voice-over in Japanese) : Thank you for having me today.

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